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Gale Force Organizers is here to help simplify your life by improving the functionality of your space. As professional organizers in Colorado Springs, we understand how overwhelming it can be to stay organized in your busy life. We will assist you to make your space inviting, organized, stress free, and manageable. We offer multiple services to cater to your unique needs no matter what new phase of life you’re enjoying.

With over 47 years of combined experience in the US Army, Tami and Angela understand how crucial it is to stay organized to successfully tackle life challenges. Between the two of them they’ve moved over 30 times, developing systems to declutter and organize spaces that turned houses into homes.

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Meet the Team

Tami Gale


Tami understands how important it is to have a professional by your side during some of life’s most important transitions. Moves are life changing events that shape how the future unfolds. She’s moved across town, across the country, and overseas. She’s also facilitated moving three parents from their family homes to smaller homes and eventually into assisted living. Few organizing services focus on these transitions and that’s where Gale Force Organizers comes in.

Tami created Gale Force Organizers with a mission to support people during these emotional and overwhelming times of their lives. Her team assists people who need to minimize what they own as they transition to more manageable spaces; or make a current home function better. Tami’s insights and experience with senior living decisions ensures you’ll work with someone who understands how stressful this process is for everyone involved. As a certified mediator for the past 20 years, Tami combines her negotiation conflict experience with professional organization to help develop a plan for a successful transition. Whether you need traditional organization services or you need help with move management, Tami and her team are here to help you!

Angela Gilpin

Lead Organizer

Angela was the executor of her mom’s will and was left with the difficult task of going through her mom’s house with her siblings and figuring out what to do with everything while processing such a devastating loss. Unfortunately, there was no one in the area of her mom’s home in Texas that was equipped to help Angela and her family deal with the myriad tasks. As a member of Gale Force Organizers, Angela is passionate about making sure no one else feels alone while dealing with emotional and difficult life transitions.

As a lifelong crafter, Angela has a unique perspective on creating beautiful crafting spaces that are highly functional. Whether you craft in the dining room, closet, or have a dedicated room, the experience Angela has with quilting, knitting, weaving, and all around crafting will ensure she can maximize your creative space.

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