Holiday Prep Tips

The holiday season is here!  Beyond Santa’s advice to “Make a list and check it twice,” Gale Force Organizers believe these prep tips will get your home ready for family and fun.

  • Now is the time to teach the “One In, One Out Rule” to Kids. Kids need to understand that storage is finite. Continuing to collect eventually leads to clutter and choice. With new toys and gifts about to arrive, have them go through their toys, games, and books and prepare a box for donation. It’s never to early to instill a generous spirit.
  • Clean your house BEFORE you pull out the holiday decorations. 
  • Sort/Donate/Discard holiday decorations as you decorate.  Drop off your donations right away so others can enjoy what you pass along.
  • Use the holiday bins to store the décor you are temporarily putting away for the season.
  • Enlist everyone to help. Perfection is not the goal – spending quality time together is key.
  • Don’t overpack the schedule.  Save time to watch your favorite Christmas movie or make cookies.

Prepare Your Guest Room for Overnight Guests

  • The room should have good lighting including bedside lamps for reading.
  • Plugs need to be accessible for charging electronics.
  • The bed should have fresh and clean bed linens. Don’t over due those decorative pillows!
  • Make sure there is a clear flat surface in the room for keys/books/phone, etc.
  • Guests need to have space for their clothes. If you don’t have closet space available, use a luggage rack instead.
  • Be Your Guest – HGTV’s  Scott Mcgillivray’s advice works for vacation rentals and your guest room too.  Be sure you can say, “This is somewhere I’d want to stay.”

Ready Your Kitchen for Cooking & Extra Cooks

  • Clear your counter space in preparation for major holiday cooking. Temporarily remove seldom-used appliances and décor. 
  • Ensure potholders and trivets are clean and abundant.
  • Contain/corral the clutter – all the space in the kitchen should be RESERVED for food/meal prep.
  • Retrieve your seldom-used platters and serving dishes so you’re ready to plate when the food is hot.

Gift Giving Ideas

If you are trying to tackle your clutter and be more organized, you might not be alone. Family and friends on your gift list may also be working towards this goal. You can help by choosing gifts that don’t leave a permanent footprint! 

  • Give local food favorites. We live in Colorado Springs and love to share King Chef Green Chili or the Savory Spice 14er Spice Blends.
  • Make homemade cookies, breads, or candies and give them away in decorative bags that can be recycled.
  • Consider a live hostess gift of greenery, a live centerpiece, or cut flowers.

Be a mindful and thoughtful gift giver:

  • Don’t add to the chaos of a small space or a cluttered home with excessive gifts. Grandparents, be sure your gifts fit into your grandchild’s home or playroom.
  • Consider giving experiences vs. stuff.  Cooking lessons, a Ski Day, or a Date Night Out can be memorable and welcome for busy families.
  • Your Time is Valuable!  Offer to babysit to harried parents. Offer to do small chores or tasks for your neighbor.
  • Share your favorite recipes in a 3-ring binder. Choose recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less so that you help decrease the DoorDash expenses in 2024!