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If you need to organize one room, or you’re downsizing your home, Gale Force Organizers can help. We’re passionate about the work we do because we’ve seen how creating functional spaces has truly changed people’s lives. Check out some of our recent projects.

Home based business

cluttered desk before and after

This is a home-based office for a cosmetics distributor. It is a small bedroom in the home that is primarily used as an office but occasionally is used for a guest room. This business owner maintains a large inventory of products that are all individually boxed making storage a challenge. The owner struggled to maintain order in the closet she used for her inventory as well as keeping the office area orderly for in person demonstrations as well as virtual events. She found the space confining, uninviting, and stressful.

cluttered couch before and after

Gale Force Organizers did a number of things to improve the functionality of the space. The biggest transformation of the space is the use of bins for the cosmetics inventory. Like items are together and each basket is labeled. This makes finding a product easier and also provides the client with a clear view of what she has in inventory and what needs to be reordered.
With the inventory tamed, it was time to tackle the rest of the space. Each of these changes creates better flow and function in the room.

cluttered business closet before and after

• Replaced the closet doors with curtains. When the curtains are pulled open, you now have full view of the entire contents and have easy reach-in capability from top to bottom. The curtains also soften the room and give visual interest when they are closed.
• Rearranged the room so that the couch is now on the long wall in the room and the desk is next to the window. This opens up the walkability of the room and easily allows the couch to be pulled out when the office is used as a guest room.
• By moving the desk to the other side of the room, during virtual calls, the background is now full of vivid color and interest. When she’s at the desk, she has a view of her backyard and great sunlight.


before and after of bedroom organization

Did you know that having an unorganized and messy bedroom can interfere with your sleep cycles? As you can see, this person’s bedroom was having an identity crisis and nothing was where it belonged, i.e., vacuum, luggage, and storage boxes. We created a peaceful bedroom by decluttering the space, making sure everything had a purpose, and finding a home for all of their belongings.

before and after of bookshelf organization

The corner of this individual's bedroom had one of the most dramatic changes. By taking the time to put miscellaneous items where they belonged, Gale Force Organizing was able to create a neat and clutter-free space. Afterward, we organized their shelving unit so that their books and music collection could be displayed properly and they would be able to easily find important items.

before and after of dresser organization

It's common for people's dressers to become cluttered when they're always getting ready in a rush. We moved the suitcase to an appropriate closet and got rid of any clutter on the dresser so that the individual would actually be able to use it while getting ready for the day. Now, with an organized jewelry collection and clutter-free dresser, getting ready is a breeze.


before and after of dining room organization

Dining rooms often end up being for everything but eating. Discarded paperwork, tools, knitting, and clothing found its way to this flat surface. The homeowner wanted to enjoy dinner with the family again. By identifying all the items that did not belong and putting them away, the dining room was functioning again. Sometimes it’s a simple task.


before and after of spice cabinet organization

Have you ever been in the middle of cooking dinner and gotten frustrated because you can't find the one spice you need? As you know, having an unorganized spice cabinet is extremely frustrating. For this person, a deep, narrow spice cabinet did not function efficiently and spices were easily lost in the back corners. By putting the spices in labeled bins, it is easier to find what they need.

before and after of kitchen pantry organization

As you know, it’s easy for kitchen pantries to become overflowing with groceries and things never seem to make it back to where they belong. For this family, we completely transformed their pantry by grouping like items together, creating a space for grab-and-go snacks, and forming a system where everything can be seen easily so the family knows exactly what’s in their pantry.


before and after of spare bedroom closet organization

If you have a closet in a spare room, it’s easy for that closet to become a catch-all for anything and everything that doesn’t have a proper home. To optimize the space of this spare room closet, Gale Force Organizing created a bin system for seasonal items such as holiday decorations, travel accessories, and extra toiletries. This helped us create a usable space with extra room for guests.

before and after of closet organization. clothes on hangers

When your closet is filled to the brim with accessories, shoes, and clothes, your clothes become wrinkled and it’s hard to find what you’re looking for. When your closet is messy, it also becomes a habit to throw your clothes on a shelf instead of hanging them up where they belong. Clothes are hung by type, color, and length on uniform hangers making it easy to find what you're looking for.

before and after of linen closet organization

By helping this family create an organized bin system complete with labels, we were able to help them find a home for everything in their linen closet. This included having a bin for reusable shopping bags and creating a top shelf for larger items such as extra comforters. Now when this family goes to their linen closet, they can easily see all of their shelves and find exactly what they’re looking for.

Craft room

before and after of knitting room organization

This large yet cluttered knitting room was overflowing so much that crafting items were sitting on the chairs instead of having a proper home. This individual was unable to enjoy their beautiful crafting room because they didn't have a proper organization system in place. Purging, organizing, and creating a functional environment made a huge difference in the enjoyment of this space.

before and after of quilt room organization

It's common for large rooms to become the most unorganized in your home because you begin to think that you have plenty of extra space to house miscellaneous items. Disorganized crafting with items that belong in other rooms makes it difficult to function in the space. Moving items back to where they belong and purging unused craft items made this space function beautifully.

Garage & Entryway

before and after of garage storage organization

Even though your space may seem organized to you, you may not be using it to its full potential. For this homeowner, we moved their bikes to another part of the garage and installed an open shelving unit so they can easily access tools, camping supplies, extra toiletries, and other miscellaneous items. Now, everything’s off the ground and the homeowner can find and grab what they need with ease.

winter gear, hats, and shoes organized on garage wall

If your garage is overflowing with snow gear and miscellaneous tools, you’re not the only one. It’s important to create a maintainable system for all your spaces, including your garage. For this family, it was most practical to take their snow gear off of the ground and hang it on the wall. Plus, we added hanging shoe and hat storage so the closets inside their home weren’t overflowing with unnecessary clutter.

before and after of entryway organization

It’s important to keep your home as organized as possible, that way you know exactly where everything belongs and you don’t have to worry about doing a rush cleaning job when you find out you’re going to have company. By decluttering this family’s entryway, we were able to create a functional spot where the children can easily grab their backpacks and everyone’s keys have a permanent home.


before and after of medicine cabinet organization

The key to an organized medicine cabinet is to store like items together. We used storage bins to help keep smaller items in one place, such as band-aids and other first-aid material, and we designated a portion of the cabinet for extra bathroom towels. With Gale Force Organizer's help, this family can see exactly what’s in their medicine cabinet and easily access medicine, towels, and toiletries.

before and after of bathroom drawer organization

When you’re getting ready in a rush, it’s easy for your bathroom drawers to become disorganized. To help make your morning and evening routines go smoothly, it’s important to make sure everything in your bathroom drawers has a home. For this individual, we created a drawer for travel accessories so they could easily pack their toiletries without rummaging through their belongings.

before and after of under the bathroom sick cabinet organization

Covered bins are a great way to make sure the cabinets under your bathroom sinks stay organized and free of clutter. We helped this individual create a system where they can easily access their most used items while having a designated space for bathroom cleaning supplies. Maintainable systems like this make it easy to put your belongings back in their place once you’re done using them.


organized closet with cleaning supplies and coats on a rack

One of the most difficult spaces to organize and optimize is utility closets and entryway closets. Even though these areas may seem too small to serve a purpose, they can store an abundance of items when you have the proper organizing systems in place. By swapping these two closets, we were able to create two functional spaces: one for the entire family's coats and one for their cleaning products.

Many people still watch DVDs instead of streaming movies, but storing DVDs takes up valuable space. Luckily, there are clever storage solutions for those who want to keep their collections. DVD binders are the perfect solution. Make sure to sort by genre before putting them into the binders. Each binder holds approximately 100 DVDs and the title cover sheet. This collection was contained in 4 binders and easily fits on a bookshelf.

Hear from the Gale Force Organizers Family

When you partner with Gale Force Organizers, you truly become a part of the family. Tami and Angela are passionate about the work they do because they’ve seen how creating productive and maintainable spaces has changed the lives of their clients. Read below to see what some past clients have said!
Major Life Move
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The thought of downsizing was truly overwhelming after collecting my “treasures” for over 50 years. Tami got me thinking about what downsizing would mean, moving from a 4-bedroom house to a 2-bedroom apartment. What would I truly need and have room for in my new home. She had me mentally prepare for the change over the course of the year. She had me visualize my new life and how I wanted to live this next phase. - Claire
Fresh Set of Eyes
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Tami helped me see how to change key spaces in our home for it to function better. We walked through the house and talked about spaces that weren’t working and how we could optimize the space and the storage. The brainstorming session gave me the ideas I needed to use space more effectively and creatively Tami helped me visualize what a space could be with just a few changes. The function of our home has improved dramatically. We have better flow at our front door; we can easily get to our cleaning supplies and the linen closet is categorized and labeled. Everything is now in its place. - Vanessa
House Sale Preparation
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As the executor, I had been working for months to organize the house for an estate sale. I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the project and felt like I was never going to be ready. I met with Tami and we talked over how to stage the household items and market the sale. Tami helped me see that I was farther along than I thought and together we created a plan to quickly get ready. When you’re in a situation like this, you’re too focused on the “to do list” to see progress. Tami really helped me move ahead. - Lisa
Kitchen Calm
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When Tami came to organize our pantry, it was chaotic and messy. It was a chore to find anything quickly and added to mealtime stress. She sorted and categorized the contents and when she was done had created functionality throughout the space. Now we can easily put away groceries and find what we’re looking for quickly. Tami greatly enhanced our kitchen functionality. - Cheryl
Over Run by stuff
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I'm a very neat and organized person, but I realized throughout the years of accumulating kitchen gadgets, family hand-me-downs and gifts that my kitchen was over-run by "stuff" and has no cohesiveness! When Tami and Angela emptied my whole kitchen I then realized what I actually had, and didn't need! They were both non-judgemental and full of helpful advice. They asked me questions about my family and our kitchen habits. They came prepared with solutions for my space that complements the way my family functions. Now my kitchen makes sense and I actually have space to spare! I cannot recommend this service enough! Tami and Angela are amazing at what they do! - Sara Cripe
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It's been a year since they did the work in my kitchen and office spaces and I am still loving it! I highly recommend these ladies, for all your organizing, my life is so much less chaotic now! - Tania B.
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This was a fantastic and very productive experience for my mom. Not only did she thoroughly enjoy working with you, she really appreciated your approach and method. She is so happy with her home now!
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Thank you so much for you invaluable advice and assistance with my move. It was a pleasure doing business with you and besides, I feel like I have a new friend!

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